A new coding method meets communication demands

The evolutionary path to high speed radio transmission is characterized by stepping beyond current technologies. In order to overcome the challenges with more and more real-time transmissions and increasing data traffic in the future, all measures must be taken, to improve bandwidth efficiency and throughput of the networks. Beyond introducing new physical transmission technologies, the efficiency of the radio transmission needs to be improved by eliminating transmission errors, interruptions, waiting times as well as hereby eliminating radio holes substantially.

Ultra-reliable, fault tolerant, energy efficient

A perfectly reliable signal reception, enhancing performance and capacity beyond current capabilities, as a future technology is enabled with the new method specified by Reinhart Rudershausen  by means of a brandnew type of Spread Spectrum transmission in combination with a simple converting encoder/decoder. The way to cope with the anticipated increase in data traffic is this perfect coding method. This innovation offers a perfect super-orthogonal solution especially for Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M/Smart Factory. The method can be used for a superimposed code in general multi-access communication.

This novel perfect spread spectrum method with super-orthogonal coding or more precisely despreading does only need simple addition, shift operations and multiplications in integer format for the used autocorrelation function (AKF) and crosscorrelation function (KKF) matched filters. Since all operations to achieve the super-orthogonality are handled on the receiver side the novel method can be completely integrated into the software-DSP for signal processing. Not only the above mentioned IoT- or M2M-applications can be made ultra-reliable, fault tolerant and remarkably energy efficient.

The new method leads as well to maximum improvement in other applications e.g. next generation networks, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, LTE, Satellite Communication, highspeed mobile 5G.